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Celiac Statistics

Written By: Eric on October 2, 2009 9 Comments

I found a cool site that has some statistics on Celiac Disease and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the stats. Some of the ones that stood out for me was the fact that just ten years ago many doctors thought celiac disease was pretty rare and only effected about 1 in 2,500 individuals that mainly effected children and younger people. I also found it interesting that about 1 in 133 people have Celiac Disease but only a small number are actually diagnosed with it. That works out to about 3 million Americans having Celiac Disease, which is pretty big. The article also goes in to detail about other conditions that can happen if Celiac is not diagnosed.

Gluten is now one of the most common food allergies according to IFIC. Like I have said in previous posts, as this diet becomes more common there will be more options for us to eat and places to go that we can find a Gluten Free menus at. Check out statistics and do research and you will find a lot of good information! Celiac Disease is becoming more common and I think that it will start to be diagnosed even more once people recognize the symptoms!

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9 Responses to “Celiac Statistics”

  1. Scott says on: 3 October 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Eric, do you have any thoughts as to why it is becoming more prevalent? I am interested to know your thoughts, other than Doctors becoming more aware that more people are starting to suffer from this disease?

  2. Eric says on: 4 October 2009 at 5:23 pm

    Good question Scott.

    I think Celiac is becoming more common for a variety of reasons. First I think technology has a big effect on diagnosing so it is easier to determine what kind of products are making a person sick. Now a days doctors can go inside someone and inspect their insides and get a good look at the area affected by GLuten( small intestine) to determine a diagnosis.

    Second, I think people are becoming more aware of the symptoms. Not just doctors but also patients who may have not thought of Celiac in the past are now starting to find out more information on the web and from other people.

    Another thing that is contributing to the rise could be food manufacturing. Many food manufacturers are producing a wide variety of food in the same plants to save money and food that may be “gluten free” may come in contact with gluten at some point.

    The main things are however are technology and awareness I believe.

    I found a pretty good article written in 2002 about Celiac Disease and how it is more common than first thought. Click here to read article.

    Thanks for the question.

  3. Scott says on: 4 October 2009 at 7:15 pm

    Good article and thats from almost 8 years ago. Thanks for the reply, I did not even think about bout where the food is manufactured. Interesting point.

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