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Restaurant Spotlight: Olive Garden Part 2

Written By: Eric on January 8, 2010 6 Comments

Hope you had a chance to check out my last review on Olive Garden. I was very surprised that they even had a Gluten Free menu and even more excited when I saw the choices and how good my meal was! I would highly recommend it.

My next part of the review will be my next visit. I recently went to the Olive Garden in Eugene, OR. We had a group of about 8 people and while making reservations we made sure to ask for a Gluten Free menu to be put on the table. When we arrived we were seated promptly and I was given the Menu. I ordered the mixed grill again because I was craving it again after my first time. Everything went well while ordering. When the food was brought out I noticed something different about the meal. There was a sauce on the meat and there were also fried potatoes on the side. I asked the waiter to confirm that this was Gluten Free. He went to the kitchen and came back with the news that the meat was Gluten Free but the potatoes were not. I was very glad I had a feeling that something was not right or I could have been very sick. He was very understanding and ordered another Gluten Free Mixed Grill. They were able to comp me for the one they made a mistake on because they would have thrown it away otherwise. The others at my table were excited to get a free entree! They also gave me my Gluten Free Mixed Grill and salad for free.

The waiter was genuinely sorry for the mix up in the kitchen. I understand that people sometimes make mistakes but it is also important for you to confirm that the meal is Gluten Free and if you have a funny feeling about something do not be scared to ask about it! This was a near disaster and I was grateful that it turned out well!


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6 Responses to “Restaurant Spotlight: Olive Garden Part 2”

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