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I Made a Mistake, and Paid for it

Written By: Eric on March 9, 2010 No Comment

Last Sunday I made a foolish mistake and paid for it big time. It was a few hours after lunch and I was working with my group for a project that was due the next day in my Business capstone course. All of a sudden I had a terrible stomache ache and rushed to the bathroom, I ended up throwing up a few times in the bathroom there and again once I got home. I was very curious why I was throwing up and my initial thought was that I was nervous for our presentation. After thinking about it some more I checked on what I ate for lunch and come to find out that the pasta I had eaten for lunch was orgaic wheat! I ate a whole plate of pasta that was Wheat Somalia. It made much more sense why I was throwing up.

I usually do not make these kinds of mistakes but it is a “gentle” reminder to always double check ingridients lists. While I was shopping recently I was in a hurry and grabbed a bag of pasta that was in the Gluten Free section and looked similar to the bags I have purchased before. I did not think twice about it because I thought it was the right kind. I was wrong.

So just a reminder to check twice with your purchases and make sure you can see “Gluten Free” on the package not just in the area.

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