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Written By: Eric on February 22, 2010 No Comment

For those of you who live in Eugene, OR, Capella Market offers Gluten free demos on the 3rd Saturday of every month from noon until 4pm. Capella Market is near 24th and Willamette in South Eugene. The staff is on hand to answer any questions and they have samples that you can try.

Written By: Eric on February 21, 2010 No Comment

Here is a video from Youtube that shows how a company that offers a dedicated Gluten Free facility made this facility happen. This video shows the tear down and gluten decontamination of waffle equipment purchased by Kinnikinnick Foods.

Importance of Dedicated Gluten Free Facilities & Equipment

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Written By: Eric on February 17, 2010 12 Comments

There was an event for Mardi Gras in Eugene last night and Firefly’s Sweet Tea Vokda was promoting it for their drink specials and I was curious to see if their vodka was Gluten Free. A fifth of this vodka is about $20. After some research I found a very good post on Celiac.com.

Here […]

Written By: Eric on January 28, 2010 6 Comments

I stumbled across this article from a major news source MSNBC. It talks about potential reasons why people may be having bloating, cramping or general GI discomfort” and say “your diet may be to blame”. They give 2 potential reasons:

1) Lactose Intolerance

2) Reaction to Gluten

They give a pretty basic description of Celiac Disease

People who […]

Written By: Eric on January 19, 2010 No Comment

I came across this Gluten Free grocery store on the internet. They are located in Denver, CO. I have never been to an entirely Gluten Free grocery store like this one (I plan on visiting one day). All the stores that I have been to have sections for Gluten Free items or have some shelf […]

Written By: Eric on January 12, 2010 3 Comments

Next product review will be Mrs. Leeper’s Pasta. I felt the need to do this one after doing the review for Tinkyada Brown Rice Spirals. The spirals were you guessed it, spiral. Mrs. Leepers were spaghetti style. I liked how these ones cooked. With Tinkyada the water turns thicker and makes it a […]

Written By: Eric on December 23, 2009 No Comment

Its crunch time now…Last minute gifts are a necessity. Here is a great cookbook that can be purchased for a friend or family member or maybe yourself. I believe it is always important to try new things and this book will show you some new recipes.

From Amazon.Com

From Publishers Weekly
Even devoted low-carb dieters have it easy […]

Written By: Eric on December 22, 2009 No Comment

Well here we are. 4 days until Christmas. I hope you have been able to look at the great recipes and maybe had enough time to try them out or at least plan on it! Today I wanted to give you another gift idea and this is something I think is very important to every […]

Written By: Eric on December 16, 2009 3 Comments

I have done a post in the past about cooking in a contaminated kitchen. I thought it would be helpful to go over it again since holiday cooking is often hectic and very busy and sometimes things get mixed up. So to review from past posts: Use paper towels, designate butter, label your items, […]

Written By: Eric on December 13, 2009 No Comment

Here is a list of Campbell’s products that are Gluten Free. I am sharing this because recently I almost had some tomato soup but fortunately checked the ingredients first and found “Wheat Flour” on the list. I assumed it was safe but made sure to double check before indulging.

Or click HERE for the PDF.

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