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Written By: Eric on January 24, 2010 13 Comments

I have seen many ingredient labels in my life and one ingredient that I always think twice about is Caramel Color. I have heard from some places it is fine if the product was manufactured in the United Sates and some say it is unsafe. I did some research on this topic and here is […]

Written By: Eric on December 14, 2009 No Comment

The Jamba Juice chain of smoothie is delicious and seems safe right? Not so fast. After some research on the Jamba Juice Allergen Site you can see that not everything from Jamba Juice is alright and should be avoided. They do a good job at listing their allergens and explaining what products to stay […]

Written By: Eric on November 11, 2009 One Comment

Over the past few months I have seen 2 major companies expand to include Gluten Free products, Betty Crocker and Chex have both came out with new products that are Gluten Free and I could not be more pleased. It is safe to say that the rising awareness of Celiac Disease and Gluten […]

Written By: Eric on October 27, 2009 No Comment

A while ago I did a post about sports venues serving Redbridge. Recently I found out that the Washington National’s Major League Baseball team has a Noah’s Pretzels is serving Gluten Free Pretzels at the stadium! They were also one of those teams that serves Redbridge. The counter people are aware of Celiac […]

Written By: Eric on October 6, 2009 One Comment

As you may know, beer contains Gluten and it can be difficult to find beer when out in public. Redbridge is now being served at different venues in the MLB and NFL. I will get into different Beers a little more in depth in the future but I just wanted to point out that several […]

Written By: Eric on September 29, 2009 One Comment

If you have an iPhone there are applications that you can download that will make following a Gluten Free diet much easier. There are apps that allow you to search for gluten free restaurants in the area, or search for ingredients to be aware of. Also there is an app that allows you to […]

Written By: Eric on September 17, 2009 No Comment

Again here is a helpful link that explains a little more in depth how Celiac Disease is diagnosed. My diagnosis started with physical examinations and led to blood tests and bone tests and eventually a biopsy. After my doctor looked at my small intestine he knew right away I had all the signs of […]

Written By: Eric on September 13, 2009 No Comment

In my decade of living with a gluten free diet I cannot even begin to explain how much more information and options are available. Not even 5 years ago I could not go out to restaurants and feel safe eating what I was served. As time has gone on I have noticed much more public […]

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