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Gluten Free Restaurants

Written By: Eric on April 1, 2010 4 Comments

For those of you in he Portland, OR you are near a great fish food place that is entirely Gluten Free. Corbett Fish House is located off I-5 on Corbett Ave. They bread this fish in rice flour and offer an entirely free Gluten Free menu.

Here is an excerpt from their website:

So, what makes […]

Written By: Eric on February 7, 2010 7 Comments

In honor of the Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints, I would like to show you a Gluten Free restaurant in New Orleans. I have not been but I would love to go there one day. Bonefish Grill has quite a Gluten Free Menu.

They have a nice selection of starters, grilled […]

Written By: Eric on December 28, 2009 3 Comments

Recently I sent an email to a Bellagios Pizzas representative to get some answers about their Gluten Free Pizzas! I was impressed with how quickly I got a response and I will just paste their answers below, please read through and let me know if you have anymore questions that I could ask them! […]

Written By: Eric on November 25, 2009 No Comment

Not even 5 years ago was it easy to find a decent pizza crust to make my own pizza at home. This evening I was able to call and order a Gluten Free pizza and have it delivered to my house! I was so happy to hear that Bellagios Pizza is offering Gluten Free […]

Written By: Eric on November 6, 2009 3 Comments

Recently I was driving down a main street in Eugene and I noticed new cafe with a sign for “Gluten Free Sandwiches”. I was really surprised and happy to see this. Even though it was closed when I drove by I went back a few days later because I just had to try it. The […]

Written By: Eric on October 23, 2009 No Comment

My last Restaurant Spotlight was of Romio’s in Seattle, WA.

My next Restaurant Spotlight will be theP.F. Chang’s in Eugene, OR. I recently had the opportunity to eat at one of the finest Chinese restaurants around, P.F. Chang’s. The atmosphere is really relaxed and they have their lights fairly low so its an […]

Written By: Eric on October 22, 2009 No Comment

Last night I was with some friends and they wanted to go to the Qdoba that is on campus, I felt unsure about ordering there so I decided to not take a chance with anything besides the chips and salsa.

I did a post a few weeks ago about Gluten Free Fast Food Menus […]

Written By: Eric on October 7, 2009 No Comment

Eating at fast food restaurants might be one of the most frustrating things about living with a Gluten Free diet. The small kitchen combined with employees who are not extensively trained about eliminating cross contamination and what kind of preparation food needs for a special diet can lead to a problem. Many restaurants have tried […]

Written By: Eric on September 23, 2009 One Comment

While vacationing in Seattle, WA I was able to find Romios Pizza and Pasta on Google. Seattle has a large celiac community and the options at this restaurant were amazing, I will get into this in a future post. I recommend going to Romio‚Äôs or at least looking at the menu to check out […]

Written By: Eric on September 22, 2009 No Comment

As a part of this blog I am going to do a review of a restaurant that I eat at. I am planning on making this a bi-monthly thing, just depending on how often I can get out to various restaurants. I will make these places that have several gluen free options and it will […]

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