Written By: Eric on February 1, 2010 2 Comments

Once again I found a product that I feel comfortable with because of the packaging. It reads “perfect for those with Gluten Sensitivity”. These cookies are mini and bite size. I paid about $5 for the bag at the local Whole Foods.
Taste: B+ I really enjoyed these cookies. They were rich and were not […]

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I stumbled across this article from a major news source MSNBC. It talks about potential reasons why people may be having bloating, cramping or general GI discomfort” and say “your diet may be to blame”. They give 2 potential reasons:

1) Lactose Intolerance

2) Reaction to Gluten

They give a pretty basic description of Celiac Disease

People who […]

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I have seen many ingredient labels in my life and one ingredient that I always think twice about is Caramel Color. I have heard from some places it is fine if the product was manufactured in the United Sates and some say it is unsafe. I did some research on this topic and here is […]

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I came across this Gluten Free grocery store on the internet. They are located in Denver, CO. I have never been to an entirely Gluten Free grocery store like this one (I plan on visiting one day). All the stores that I have been to have sections for Gluten Free items or have some shelf […]

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I came across this article from the NY times. I think it is a great read and provides a lot of good information.

Dr. Sheila Crowe, a professor in the division of gastroenterology and hepatology in the department of medicine at the University of Virginia, recently joined the Consults blog to answer reader questions about celiac […]

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This recipe comes from Celiac.com’s Scott Adams. I think you will really enjoy these!

Making Gluten Free desserts is one of my favorite things to do. Finding new recipes is very exciting for me because it means I can try something new.

Here is the recipe:

3 medium ripe Banana’s smashed or 9 ounces of pumpkin
1/3 […]

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Written By: Eric on January 13, 2010 5 Comments

Youtube post from KCRA about finding Gluten Free items! Check it out!

What do you think?

Written By: Eric on January 12, 2010 3 Comments

Next product review will be Mrs. Leeper’s Pasta. I felt the need to do this one after doing the review for Tinkyada Brown Rice Spirals. The spirals were you guessed it, spiral. Mrs. Leepers were spaghetti style. I liked how these ones cooked. With Tinkyada the water turns thicker and makes it a […]

Written By: Eric on January 8, 2010 6 Comments

Hope you had a chance to check out my last review on Olive Garden. I was very surprised that they even had a Gluten Free menu and even more excited when I saw the choices and how good my meal was! I would highly recommend it.

My next part of the review will be my […]

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Written By: Eric on January 6, 2010 One Comment

This one might be a shocker. How can an Italian restaurant famous for never ending pasta bowls and bread sticks be safe? Olive Garden has a pretty nice Gluten Free menu. This will be a 2 part review for 2 separate visits. My first visit was near the bay area in California. I was […]

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